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Finland-China R&D, University and Science Park Co-operation Forum

Preliminary date & location: 20-21 May, University of Helsinki, Physicum
Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2, 00560 Helsinki

Greetings and introduction to the event

On behalf of China Tekway Oy Ltd, the Finnish Chinese business council and our co-organising partners, I am honoured to invite you and your colleagues to join the “Finland-China R&D, University and Science Park Co-operation Forum” held at the University of Helsinki between May 20-21.

Finland is a country well-known for developed economy, social welfare, high technology and innovation. Its strengths and resources are in the fields of ecological environmental and energy technologies, IT and IOT, automation and high-end manufacturing, electronics and precise instruments, advanced materials and nanotechnologies, medicinal diagnosis and drugs, life science and health care, education and Olympic sports, food science and modern agriculture; the list goes on.

At the beginning of 2019, the Finnish president, Sauli Niinistö, visited China to launch the “2019 China-Finland Year of Winter Sports” together with Chinese president Xi Jinping. They also proclaimed a Joint-Action Plan between China and Finland on promoting a future-oriented co-operative partnership for 2019-2023.

This further promotes and strengthens the Finnish-Chinese partnership and creates a solid foundation for deepening co-operation in the fields of trade, innovation, environmental protection, travel, arctic affairs, and creates a beneficial international environment for talent exchange between Finland and China.

Taking this opportunity, China Tekway Oy Ltd and the Finnish Chinese Business Council organise the “Finland-China R&D, University and Science Park Co-operation Forum”.

Our event focuses on the following fields:

  1. Joint-labs on Environment Science, Energy and Advanced Materials
  2. Joint-research program on Automation, IT, Big Data, AI and Comprehensive Health 
  3. Co-operation in Education, Talent Training, Innovation Driven Sustainable Development

Together with universities, laboratories, science parks, scientific research institutes from countries of Europe – such as Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France and United Kingdom – we discuss and we match the relevant universities, scientific research institutes, industrial parks, academies with ones in China to implement and to build Finland-China off-shore joint incubators, laboratories, research institutes, talent training bases, research funds and other programs.

We aim to develop the innovation driven research capabilities of all who participate from universities, research institutes, enterprises and companies.

Welcome to the event.

Erlin Yang, Ph.D.

Chairman of the Seminar, CEO of China Tekway Oy Ltd, the President of The Finnish Chinese Business Council


Seminar program

All content subject to change.

1st Day: Seminar

Program contents coming soon!

1st Day: Match-Making forums

@ 13.30-16.30
Forum 1: Joint-labs on Environmental Science, Energy and Advanced Materials
Forum 2: Joint-research program on Automation, IT, Big Data, AI and Comprehensive Health
Forum 3: Co-operation in Education, Talent Training, Innovation Driven Sustainable Development

1st Day: Cocktails and networking

@ 17.30-19.30
Continue networking and celebrate a successful event with us.

Registration for Cocktails and networking 60€

2nd Day: Chinese delegation visits to our partners in Finland

Chinese delegations visit our various partners in Finland to find out more about them and create further co-operation opportuniteis.

Preliminary list of participants from China

  1. Beijing Jin Zhou Ao Feng Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
  2. Beijing Zhi Xin Yuan Jing Software Technology Co., Ltd.
  3. Xi‘an Heating Group
  4. Beijing Bei Ke Neng Huan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.  
  5. Beijing Z-Park Gu Zi Capital Management Co., Ltd
  6. China Eco-city Research Institute Co., Ltd.
  1. Shandong University of Petroleum
  2. Shandong Ocean University
  3. Shandong Academy
  4. Shandong University of Technology
  5. Nanjing University of Science and Technology
  6. Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronomics
  7. Nanjing University
  8. Nanjing Normal University
  9. Nanjing Agricultural University
  10. Zhejiang University
  11. Qilu University of Technology
  1. Shandong Provincial Bureau of Science and Technology

For further information, contact:  

Lari Rissanen (English, Finnish) 


Wenbin Fan (Chinese)




Email: Phone: +358 50 5760 728