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Our Language Translation Services

China Tekway

Good communication in business relies on proper and sufficient language skills.
We work closely with clients to fully understand their business issues, products, technologies and goals. 

China Tekway

We recommend and facilitate solutions
that produce positive change and results,
enhance the best performance through high quality Chinese language and interpretation services. 

We deliver language service you need

Note: For requesting translations, it is best to send the request directly to service@chinatekway.com with a sample of the document attached (and page count in case you do not include the full document). If you need to scan or photograph the document,  do not make it excessively large but it needs to be clear enough to read.

In your message also include the date when you would need the finished translation and your contact information (name, phone, email and address). We will use the address for invoicing.

Translations generally take 3 work days at minimum and must be paid for before the translation work will begin.

  • Chinese translator / interpreter
  • Technical and commercial documents 
  • Business cards, leaflets, brochures and books
  • Homepage in Chinese 
  • Layout, design and typesetting in Chinese
  • Electronic formatting for printing and publications

Examples of our language and translation services




Email: service@chinatekway.com Phone: +358 50 5760 728