Finland-China Business Expert F.E.C program 2019


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NOTE: New registration deadline 30.6!

If you want to develop and expand your business in Finland or in China, you will find our F.E.C. program very useful. The second Finland-China Business Expert F.E.C. (Further Educated with Companies) program is taking off right now. We welcome you to join. The program is conducted in cooperation with the Uusimaa ELY centre and TE office.

Why join the program

We will provide you a specialist or an expert as a trainee from fields of sales and marketing, business development, project management, material sciences, IT, IOT and AI, etc, who has also a concrete understanding and knowledge of dealing with clients from both Finnish and Chinese cultures, who can assist you in doing business in either Finland or China.

Contents of the program

The program makes you and your company getting specialists or experts very simple. You only need to provide us criterias for what kind of specialists or experts you are looking for and we will make the match for you.

The program consists of a 6-month work tryout period done in your company by this specialist or expert. During this 6-month time, you do not need to pay his/her salary and you have an option of hiring him/her after the work tryout.

During this 6-month period, we will keep close contact with you to support the performances of the trainee, and help you get the most from your investment.

Commemoration of our first F.E.C participants for the year 2019. Thank you for participating!


China Expert F.E.C 2018

“This F.E.C. program was really helpful for me. It opened the doors for me to be presented to Finnish companies without any kind of personal network. I found an interesting company to work in and the company found their China Expert. It is a win-win solution for both the company and for me!” – 2018 participant

“I got to know the FEC program through a friend. At the time I was thinking of changing my career and the FEC program made it possible. Through the China Expert F.E.C I found my new company and my new career. All the best to future participants!” – 2018 participant

Finland-China Business Expert F.E.C 2019
Team of Trainers


Erlin Yang
PhD, China Tekway CEO


Timo Kiviaho
MSc, China Tekway Vice-President


Lari Rissanen
B. Arts Chinese language


Rui Yin
Master of Law

Haiyan Yao
MSc Economics

Wenbin Fan
Master of Education

Outi Pöyry
MSc Physics

For further information, contact:

Outi Pöyry, Project Coordinator
+358 50 5760 728

You can find general information on the F.E.C programs here (in Finnish)