Entrepreneurship Nanjing

Introduction to Entrepreneurship Nanjing

“Entrepreneurship Nanjing” High-level Entrepreneur Introduction Program plans to introduce 3,000 high-level entrepreneurs, bring up 200 innovative entrepreneurship experts and assemble 100 top science and technology experts within 5 years since 2016.

Supports and services for the high-level entrepreneur

Start-up supports

  • Selected Projects will receive a start-up fund of 0,5 million to 1,5 million CNY ( 67,000-200,000 EUR).
  • Each selected project will be provided with an office of about 100 sqm and an apartment of 100 sqm for free for three years based on the needs of the projects.
  • From the year it begins to make profit, a talent start-up company will be rewarded an amount equal to all the economic contributions it makes to Nanjing for the next three years.
  • Offer as much as 10% inclusive award to approved technological SMES based on the R&D funds.
  • Prioritized recommendation for the title of innovative entrepreneur, with a start-up office of up to 500 sqm, free of rent for three years.

Public services of the High-tech Zone

  • On-demand services and full coverage.
  •  “1+X” Public Service Platform, one-stop joint review and agent service system.
  • Off-line one-stop services to meet diverse needs for taxation and human resources.
  • Online platform that supports multi-terminal interactive experience on PCs, mobile phones, and intelligent terminals.

Financial and market supports

  • Selected projects will receive citizenship treatment and special policies regarding issues such as social insurance and school placement for children.
  • Public cafeteria, local foods, banks, supermarket, leisure and sports facilities at hand.
  • Sound settlement environment

Ancillary services

  • Investment from government-guided funds
  • Financial loaning
  • Market expansion service
  • Employee recruitment

Our 2019 application for the “Entrepreneurship Nanjing” program is open until 30 April