2019 The Finland Investment Promotion Seminar of Kunshan New & High-tech Industrial Development Zone, China

The Finland Investment Promotion Conference of Kunshan New & High-tech Industrial Development Zone, China, will be held in Helsinki, Finland, in the afternoon of September 20, 2019.

Sincerely we invite you to participate in the event. The event is free of charge, but needs pre-registration due to limited number of seats.

The event will be hosted by the Deputy Director of Kunshan High-tech Zone Management Committee Mr Kong Weihua and KONE’s representatives. They will speak of the cooperation advantages of the Kunshan high-tech zone. 

Kunshan is a city in China Jiangsu province close to Shanghai. There is a metro connecting two cities.  Kunshan is also the birth place of the famous Kunqu Opera. The Finnish famous KONE has its biggest R&D and production base in Kunshan New & High-tech Industrial Development Zone, together with many other Finnish and international companies. KONE’s Kunshan Test Tower, with a height of 235,6 m and test speeds up to 15 m/s, is one of seven KONE global R&D centers and the only one outside of Finland dedicated to testing high-rise solutions. Come and listen how does KONE become successful in China.

Time:  14:00 Friday 20 September 2019
Address: Ariadne 1, 2 F, Hilton Helsinki Strand
                  John Stenbergin ranta 4, 00530 Helsinki
Tel: +358 9 39351

14:00-14:30 Check in and coffee
14:30-15:30 Conference

For pre-registration and further information:
Outi Pöyry, China Tekway Oy
+358 5057 60728