China Expert 2018 F.E.C program

To help your business in the Chinese market.

What is the China Expert F.E.C. program

China Tekway's China Expert project is done in co-operation with the ELY centre of Uusimaa area and is one of the employment programs of the ELY centre.

With the growth of China, companies around the world require more expertise on how to do business with it. Through the China Expert program, you will gain an employee who will have a good knowledge about the work done in your company and, through our training, a concrete understanding of what is required when dealing with Chinese clients and partners and how it differs from dealing with Finnish or European partners and clients.

What does the program entail

As the name already tells you, the idea of the program is to give you a person who has a strong understanding and knowledge of China which you can put to use in your business.

The program consists of a 6 month working period done in your company for an employee chosen through the China Expert program. The employee will work as a trainee for your company and you have the option of hiring him as a permanent employee during or after the program. The trainee period is unpaid.

In addition to the work he does for your company, he will also get special training from us in skills and knowhow that is needed when dealing with Chinese customers and partners. We will improve the expertise of the employee about the Chinese market, laws and culture. The aim of the training is that it serves both the needs of your company and the individual working for you.

Why you should participate in this program

Finding an employee through the China Expert program is easy. We will make the search according to your criteria and you just pick the perfect employee for yourself.

In addition to being professionals in their own fields, the training the applicants receive allows them to better understand the ways Chinese do business and increases their China-related expertise. Thus, through their knowledge they bring additional value to your company and, in this way, help you develop your business. 

The China Expert 2018 team

Erlin Yang

China Tekway Oy Ltd
Founder, CEO and senior consultant
Mr. Yang graduated from the University of Helsinki with M.Sc. and Ph.D. in science and technologies. He has more than 20 years experience in business consulting and business management helping Finnish companies do business in China, and Chinese companies in Finland.

His expertise and training fields cover project management, technology transfer and applications, technology development strategies, cross-culture business communication skills, cross-culture business solutions, market entry and analysis.

Timo Kiviaho

China Tekway Oy Ltd
Vice President and senior consultant
Mr Kiviaho graduated from Aalto University School of Business with M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration. He has worked for many well-known international companies such as SAGEM and Nokia in Asia with rich experience in international business operation and development.

His expertise and training fields cover international business, leadership, science of law, trade politics, finance and accounting, marketing, multicultural negotiation skills as well as human resources management. 

Jani Kaulo

Kolster Oy Ab
Head of Asian Market
European Trademark and Design Attorney
Mr. Kaulo has strong expertise in IP matters related to the internationalisation of SMEs. At Kolster, he manages the international trademark portfolios of major companies and assists in trademark disputes in Finnish courts and in the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

His expertise and training fields cover how trademarks should be registered, used and defended in China.

Prudence Odia

China Tekway Oy Ltd
Director, IT and business communications

Ms Odia graduated from Haaga-Heilia University of Applied Sciences with Master Degree in Information System Management and Bachelor Degree in Business Information Technology and another degree in Accountancy. She is specialized in data processing, data communication, web development, social media management, digital marketing and cloud services design and management.

She is in charge of the digital platforms used in the FEC project, and she gives training in digital applications and communications of project and application managment. She also keeps the digital wheels of the company running. 

Rui Yin

China Tekway Oy Ltd
Legal and intellectual property specialist

Ms Yin graduated with LL.B from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law in 1999 and obtained her master's degree of laws in 2004. She has 6 years working experience as law expert in China and 9 years in Finland with for-profit and non-profit organizations as law and business consultant.

Her expertise and training fields cover subjects of Chinese political and legal systems, Chinese law and legislations, IPR issues, technology transfers, trade and technology policies, trade and business contracts as well as cross-cultural communications.

Lari Rissanen

China Tekway Oy Ltd
Project manager
Mr Rissanen studied at University of Helsinki and Shanghai Fudan University majoring in Asian studies with a strong emphasis on China. His expertise and training fields cover Chinese and Finnish culture and traditions, philosophies, cross-culture communications and team work development. He also takes care of practical things related to the China Expert project: communication, contracts and scheduling among other things.

If you have problems, questions or feedback, he will be the one to contact.

...come and find out more!

You are welcome to come and visit us for a face to face discussion. We can also come and visit you, of course! Let us tell you about the program and how it can benefit your company.

For further information, contact:
Lari Rissanen, Project Manager
China Tekway Oy LTD
Aleksanterinkatu 17, 00100 Helsinki
+358 50 5760 728

You can find more information on the F.E.C programs at (in Finnish)

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