China Expert 2018 program

To help your business in the Chinese market.

Do you want to enter the Chinese market or develop your business in China?

China Tekway Oy LTD, together with Uudenmaan ELY-keskus has found a solution for you. We can provide you with Chinese business partners from various areas of China; Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Canton, etc., and a China Expert who can work for you and develop your China business with these business partners.

China now has a great demand for new and high technologies, products and services from sectors of CleanTech, clean energies, food and food processing, health care, IT, big data, Internet, metal and paper industries, forestry, manufacturing, production, automation... the list goes on. We therefore invite you to join this China Expert program to explore the Chinese market. 

What is this program all about?

We want to help your company get the talent you need for internationalisation and expansion of your business. As a China-oriented company this program is also meant for companies that have interest in expanding or developing their business in China.

This is a recruitment program done in co-operation with the Uudenmaan ELY-keskus.

You gain an employee of expansive work history and skill who will work for you during the six months this program lasts. The employee will also take part in the training that China Tekway organises for them, enhancing their value to you as an expert of China business.

We co-operate with ELY-keskus and TE office to bring the talent that you require. We filter through the candidates that apply for this program with your criteria and recommend candidates to you. You will get to interview the candidates and have the final choice on if they are suitable for you or not.  

Submitting your criteria to us does not tie you to this program. If you do not find the employee that you want, you are not obligated to join the program. Only after signing a contract with us and the employee, are you required to pay the participation fee mentioned in the pricing section of this document.

Participating in this program only costs the price listed in the pricing section. The employee will get unemployment benefits during this program. Insurance of the employee will be handled by China Tekway.


The whole program will last 6 months (120 working days). This includes working in your company and training.


The training of the employee takes up 20 working days of the program and will start at the beginning of April. 

The training will be customised to the participant but generally enhances their knowledge of laws, customs, marketing, negotiation and traditions etc. which will allow them to better work in the environment we expect them to be put in – doing business with China. The schedule will be fixed so all participants can take part at the same time. The participants are expected to take part in this training; if the company absolutely requires the employee to work on a training day, special arrangements can be made to catch up.

Training will begin on the 3nd of April. First period will be from 3rd April until 11th April (7 working days). The second period will be from 2 May until 9 May (6 working days). Third period from 14 June until 22 June (7 working days). The training includes some independent study days by the participants as well.

Cloud networking

As an added service, we include Cloud networking in this program. This means the companies and employees, who take part, will be connected through the cloud service offered to them by China Tekway. The cloud system will allow people to seek advice from others during the program on various subjects so you will not be left alone in your China business endeavours. The system will be used to keep track of how the training with China Tekway and work in the companies is progressing.


China Tekway also offers the chance for your company to gain consulting services from China Tekway during this program. As an extra package we can also use our networks in China to help you find partners and offer consultation on doing business with the partners directly. This is not compulsory service and can be agreed on later during the program. You do not need to buy the package upfront. You can see the price for the service in the pricing section below.

Pricing and signing up

The basic cost to get a China Expert working for your company for 6 months is 8670€+24% VAT. The basic participation fee covers the search for employees and filtering them for your needs, as well as the training that China Tekway organises.

As an additional service, China Tekway Oy LTD can arrange your China Expert to conduct a field business development mission in China for setting up concrete business with local Chinese companies. The employee can stay and work in China for one month (with additional cost of 6650€+24% VAT) or two months (with additional cost of 8750€+24% VAT). These cover the China Expert's visa fee, travel insurance, one international return flight ticket, work-related local travel via public transportation as well as accommodation (food is not included) during their stay in China.

The employee can start working for your company from Feb. 1st, 2018. Contracts can be signed until the 29th of March, that is, until the start of the actual training of the employees.

To join the program you need to sign a contract to take the employee you want as a trainee in your company and pay the participation fee.


During this 6 month period, there will be 20 working days of training at the Helsinki World Trade Center by specialists from China Tekway Oy LTD and our program partner Kolster Oy. This program belongs to ELY-keskus F.E.C (further educated with companies) program. The candidates to become China Experts are jobseekers from the TE-toimisto. You do not need to pay the employee salary or daily allowance when travelling abroad. They will get unemployment benefits during the program.

Come and find out more!

You are welcome to come and visit us for a face to face discussion. We can also come and visit you, of course! Let us introduce you to the program and tell you how it can benefit your company.  

For further information, contact:

Lari Rissanen, Project Manager
China Tekway Oy LTD
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Office +358 50 5760 728 
Mobile +358 40 8681 413

You can find more information on the F.E.C programs at (in Finnish)

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