Corporate Training

Success results from good communication between people. To be able to work with the Chinese, certain knowledge of Chinese culture, business formalities and etiquette is a must for western business people.

We deliver effective business training to secure the building of mutual trust and proper understanding when doing business with the Chinese.

Our training is always in English. If you wish to have training in some other language, please contact us and together we design training which perfectly fits your needs. All of our training takes place at the World Trade Center Helsinki.

Our learning solutions include

  • Working with the Chinese
  • China project management
  • Expatriate & family relocation
  • Sales and product marketing in China
  • Language and cultural business training
  • Digital China
  • IPR in China
  • Business concept and operation in China
  • Chinese for beginners
  • Advanced Chinese 
  • Conversational Chinese 
  • Business Chinese for beginners 

Whatever your needs, we can assist you with high-quality training.