Working with the Chinese

29.09.2017 at 08.30 - 16.30
Training in English at World Trade Center, Helsink
Total price 499euros
If registered after 15.9.2017 total price is 599 euros

Welcome to a pratical training where you will learn the secrets of how to Work with the Chinese! 

How to change the keyboard back to 'normal' after your chinese co-worker borrowed your computer?

How does it differ to work with a Chinese person and what should be taken into account?
How the cultural differencies and expectations can be handled constructively?
What does it mean when a Chinese person says Yes or No?

Working with the Chinese is a practical training with several top tips from a native.
In this training you will learn what is the meaning of traditions and culture in Chinese working life
and how to utilize this information in your daily life.

The early bird total price of the training is 499 euros if registration is done before 15.9.2017.
 After this date, the total price is 599 euros.

The Training Offers Insights to: 
* Chinese philosophies and traditions
* Chinese common social and business etiquette
* Chinese perception of time and working style
* Attitude of the Chinese working with the Westerners

The Training is suitable for anyone who wants to learn more about the subject. 
It suites well for employers and supervisors cooperating with Chinese workforce, for customer servants who meet Chinese customers and/or companies who wish to have closer cooperation with Chinese partners and organisations. 

The training does not include official tests, yet you might want to prepare by sharpening your chopsticks!

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