We help you enter the Chinese market and develop your business in China



If you wish the Dragon to lay gentle eye on you and if you are interested 
in various possibilities of China business, you must well consider right approaches.

We assist you and your business to have profitable collaboration in China with the Chinese. We deliver various business services from marketing research and analysis to operational solutions as well as sales networks, agents, and local production facilites. Read More...

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Dealing with Chinese people is different from what we do in the west. Is "Guanxi" really important or does B2B work in China?

We give effective and tailor-made cross-culture business training to Finnish and Western business leaders and business people to build mutual trust and to secure correct mutual understanding and project implementation when doing business with the Chinese and Asian business people.  

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Good business and business operation result from good business communication and documentation. With our high-quality and reliable Chinese language services, we secure and facilitate business solutions that produce positive results and changes for your business with the Chinese. 

In the past 20 years we have assisted and supported more than 2000 international companies doing business in China.

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Working with the Chinese
23.02.2018 at 9:00 - 16.30
Training in English at the World Trade Center, Helsinki. Read More...

China Expert 2018 F.E.C Program
From 1.2.2018 until 31.12.2018.
Sign up by 29th of March.

China Tekway Oy Ltd, in co-operation with Uudenmaan ELY-keskus, is organising the "China Expert F.E.C." program to help your company in the Chinese market. Read More...

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Job opening

Have you always wanted to have something really special in your resume? Something surprising which would create conversation and lift a smile on peoples face? Are you the kindest person in your company, yet tired of your old office routines? 

We have a solution for you!

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