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In various possibilities of China business, you must well consider right approaches.

We assist you and your business to have profitable collaboration in China with the Chinese. We deliver various business services from marketing research and analysis to operational solutions as well as sales networks, agents, and local production facilites.

China Tekway


We give effective and tailor-made cross-culture business training to Finnish and Western business leaders and business people to build mutual trust and to secure correct mutual understanding and project implementation when doing business with the Chinese and Asian business people.

Do you need transfroming perfromance in your business?
It's all through learning, check our training packages suitable for your company.

China Tekway


Good business and business operation result from good business communication and documentation. With our high-quality and reliable Chinese language services, we secure and facilitate business solutions that produce positive results and changes for your business with the Chinese.

In the past 20 years we have assisted and supported more than 500 international companies doing business in China.

China Tekway


Finland-China Business and Investment Summit
15 - 16 Oct 2018, Helsinki
You are welcome to join in this free Event!

Working with the Chinese
19 Oct.2018 at 9.00 - 16.30
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China Project Management Training
30 Nov 2018 at 9.30 - 16.30

China Expert F.E.C Program 2018
01.02.2018 - 31.12.2018.
Enrollment closed.
China Tekway Oy Ltd in cooperation with the Uusimaa ELY Center
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Finland-China Business and Investment Summit
15th - 16th Oct 2018

The opportunities of the Silk Road of Economic Belt of China gives significant impact to business cooperation and development between Finland and China. The Second Finland-China Business and Investment Forum will be held later this year on the basis of the success of last year's summit. Again we will have the support from the Parliament of Finland, Chinese Embassy to Finland, Business Finland, the Federation of Finnish Enterprises, City of Helsinki, Aalto University, and Finnish Chinese Business Council. More than 80 Chinese companies, investors and 200 Finnish companies and enterprises will join face-to-face matchmaking forums to explore the concrete business cooperation.

Read more and register for the forum. Also, take a look at our previous forum last year.

Working with the Chinese 
19 Oct 2018

Doing business with China is challenging but rewarding as well. To some businessmen it is easy and enjoyable with success, while for the most it is frustrating, time consuming and also costly. This training workshop "Working with the Chinese" will thus bring you the knowledge and secrets you must know when you work with the Chinese. It is a guide of know-how to support your business development in China, and it is a process of business formalities to secure your business success.

See the main content here and register for the next intense training workshop on the 3rd of October 2018 at Helsinki World Trade Center, Finland.

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China Project Management
30th Nov 2018

Our 2-day intense China Project Management course strengthens your know-how and techniques in China project management and communication skills. China Project Management intensive training and cruise teaches you how to cope with the challenging but rewarding Chinese market, how to develop the proper project management skills for China, how to allocate right resources and make the correct risk analysis for China project .

This program contains the full supplement of knowledge you will need to make your project successful in China.

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"I thought the workshop was good and it had a lot of new and important information for me! I received a nice amount of concrete answers to specific issues that we have faced.

Lassi Viitala
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
LeanHeat Oy 

"The whole day was handled with superb professionalism. I took part in the workshop because I wanted to review and update my knowledge from since 20 years ago and also get a vantage point to experiences from my more recent business trips. Particularly relevant to my interests was the exploration of the economic background of the People's Repulic of China and how traditional Chinese philosophies come through in practice in everyday life.

Juha U. S. Jokinen
Mincor OY

"The workshop was very productive. Erlin was able to summarise a lot of his experiences on the special characteristics of Western and Chinese cultures in just one day. Actually, there was so much content in the course that it could've easily covered another full day. I can heartily recommend joining!"

Sami Nyman
Business director
Sarlin Oy Ab

"The training gave a good picture of how Chinese personality and way of thinking differs from Finnish. A great part of the workshop was also the discussion of practical issues other participants had faced when doing business with the Chinese."

Mikko Rummukainen
Business director
Sarlin Oy Ab

"The training was very intensive and comprehensive. Even though I've been actively in contact with China for over 10 years, there was information new to me as well. The way Chinese think differs from Finnish mindset, and it can sometimes be hard to comprehend why things are done as they are. The training brought out many new perspectives regarding this issue.

Pietarinen Jarmo
Masino Group


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