Facing Challenges of Doing Business with China

Over the past decades we have assisted more than 500 international companies to fulfil their goals of entering and succeeding in the world's most competitive market

Who we are

China Tekway Oy LTD is a business consulting and service company with focus on China and Asia. We deliver business solutions to meet our clients’ needs for the world’s biggest market. We help our clients to plan market entry strategies, to develop business and cooperation, and to find trustworthy local partners. 

We also deliver competitive culture and business training packages to meet challenges of doing business in China and Asia. We provide official Chinese translation services to secure our clients’ business communication with their Chinese partners and clients.

The Mission

We want our clients to get results that they are aiming for from the most competitive market in the world. That’s why we provide very concrete and practical approaches and solutions to advance our clients’ business objectives, and to reduce potential risks at any stages.

The Vision

We want to keep up high standards and to be the leading business service provider and reliable business partner for Finnish companies and enterprises when developing business and cooperation in China and Asia.

The Credibility

We have been granted 3A in 2008, the highest class of rating classification which is achieved only by 4.4% of all companies in Finland. We are also among top 12% strongest companies in Finland credited by the well-known Finnish credit data agency Suomen Asiakastieto in 2019.

The Values

We respect the concept of sustainable development. We focus on practical, concrete and objective approaches, and we emphasize quality, trust and fairness in business.

What we do

We work closely with Finnish and Chinese companies in the following fields to advance business and cooperation.

Cleantech and Smart City 

We facilitate business partnerships between Finland and China to develop cleantech and smart city projects.

IT and AI

We introduce and develop advanced IT and AI technologies such as VR, AR and IoT cooperation between Finland and China.

 Manufacturing and Production

We accompany and support Finnish hi-tech manufacturing and production companies to the Chinese market.

HR and Training

We provide business training to tackle challenges of doing business with China, and provide the best cross-cultural business experts and specialists to carry out the mission.


Lift Science and Healthcare

We help to sell Finnish air purifiers, medical devices and instruments as well as environmental equipment to Chinese hospitals, factories, and different kinds of waste treatment plants.

Food and Food Processing

We promote and introduce Finnish nutrition supplies, high value-added dairy, fish and meat products, healthy food and food processing technologies to Chinese consumers and food producers.

The 3rd Finland China Business Summit

Published 14.09.2020 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POGfNNjLhMA The third Finland-China Business Summit 2019 was held on Wednesday at Dipoli, the main building of Aalto University in Espoo. The event was organized by Aalto University School of Business, The China Federation of Overseas- Chinese Entrepreneurs, and China Tekway/ Finland-China Development and Exchange Center. We sincerely thank all the participants. Special…

Santa Claus takes off

Published 14.09.2020 Press release: 13.12.19 at 15.30 in Senate square five Finnish Santa Clauses are given a wellfare seremony on their journey to a tour in China (15.-22.12) Tour extends to six cities: Shanghai, Peking, Wuhan, Xi’an, Chengdu ja Guangzhou. Santa Clauses participate among other things in foodstuff sorting, introduce High-Speed train, promote tourism from…

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