The 3rd Finland China Business Summit

Published 14.09.2020 The third Finland-China Business Summit 2019 was held on Wednesday at Dipoli, the main building of Aalto University in Espoo. The event was organized by Aalto University School of Business, The China…

Santa Claus takes off

Published 14.09.2020 Press release: 13.12.19 at 15.30 in Senate square five Finnish Santa Clauses are given a wellfare seremony on their journey to a tour in China (15.-22.12) Tour extends to six cities: Shanghai, Peking,…

The 2nd Finland-China Technology Forum 2020

⚠️ NOTICE: due to coronavirus pandemic, the 2nd Finland-China Technology Forum will be postponed until Nov.-Dec. 2020.

The 2rd Finland-China Technology Forum is to be held on June 15-16, 2020, aiming to foster and develop the innovation driven research capabilities and cooperation of universities, research institutes, enterprises and companies between Finland and China.

The 4th Finland China Business Summit

The 4th Finland-China Business Summit is to be held on October 15-16, 2020, aiming to establish a strong cooperation platform for governmental organizations, companies and research institutes between Finland and China.

Finnish Santa Claus Tour to China

Published 23.12.2019 In order to promote tourism from China to Finland, the “Finnish Santa Claus Tour to China” was held in China six cities: Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Xi’an, Chengdu and Guangzhou during December 16-21, 2019. …

Nanjing Urban Construction Group visit

Published 27.09.2019 General Manager Li Yan of Nanjing Urban Construction Group and his delegation visited Helsinki, the capital city of Finland and held meetings with the China Tekway Oy LTD. Mr. Erlin Yang and Mr.…

With Ambassador of Finland to Australia

Published 12.09.2019 Mr. Lars Backström, the current Ambassador of Finland in Australia, together with Mr. Erlin Yang and Mr. Timp Kiviaho, took part in the meeting of setting up Finnish Santa Village in Mohe County,…

Xi’an Overseas Friendship Association

Published 26.06.2019 Ms. Shi Xiaohong, member of the Standing Committee of Xi’an Municipal Committee, Minister of the United Front Work Department and Chairman of the Overseas Friendship Association, led a delegation of Xi’an People’s Government…

Finland-China Business Expert FEC programme 2019

We will provide you with a specialist or an expert as a trainee from fields of sales and marketing, business development, project management, material sciences, IT, IoT and AI, etc, who has also a concrete understanding and knowledge of dealing with clients from both Finnish and Chinese cultures, who can assist you in doing business in either Finland or China.

The 2nd Finland-China Business Summit 2018

The 2nd Finland-China Business and Investment Summit Forum was held by China Tekway Oy LTD together with the Parliament of Finland, Embassy of the people’s republic of China in Finland, Team Finland, the Ministry of Education and Culture, Business Finland, the City of Helsinki, the Federation of Finnish Entrepreneurs, Aalto University School of Business, the Finnish Chinese Business Council and the Sino-Talents Finland Ry.

The 1st Finland-China Business Summit 2017

On Friday, 22 September, 2017, China Tekway Oy Ltd organized the Finland-China Business and Investment Summit Forum 2017, held in the Parliament Annex of Finland 9:00 – 12:30, September 22, 2017 to celebrate 100 years Finnish independence.