Santa Claus Academy

What is the Santa Claus Academy of Finland?

The Santa Claus Academy of Finland was established in 2010 in Helsinki. The purpose of the Academy is to promote Finnish Santa culture and to promote the internationalization of well-known Finnish brand of the hometown of Santa Claus to the world. The goal of the Academy is to foster authentic Finnish Santa Claus in accordance with the traditional Finnish Santa culture, and to provide design, operation, and management consulting services for the Santa cultural tourism and real estate construction projects such as Santa villages, Santa world and Santa parks. 

The Santa Claus Academy of Finland emphasizes international cooperation and pays high attention to fostering the Finnish Santa Claus to be the messenger to bring the Finnish people’s friendship and greetings to the world, and to bringing the best wishes and auspiciousness, positiveness and happiness, tranquility and romance, love and harmony to people all over the world. 

The Santa Claus Academy of Finland locates in the center of Helsinki, which has the most convenient international communication channels and contacts.

Rector's Message


Dear All,

On behalf of the Santa Claus Academy of Finland, I would like to thank you for your interest and support. I warmly welcome you all to visit Finland and meet real Finnish Santa Claus. The aim of our the Santa Claus Academy of Finland is to foster authentic Finnish Santa Claus according to the traditional culture of Finnish Christmas. Here you will receive our professional training services for you.

In terms of training courses, our Santa Claus Academy can offer you a full coverage to be a real Finnish Santa Claus. This includes Finnish culture and history, Finnish Christmas culture, Santa’s etiquette, cross-cultural communication skills, Santa’s image and technology, behavioral science and arts, Christmas theme park culture. Our Academy considers exporting Finnish Santa Claus very important. Currently we pay lots of attentions to international cooperation with Asian, especially China. Since the establishment of the Academy, more than 30 original Finnish Santa Claus have been sent to China, such as Shanghai, and Heilongjiang, Hebei, Guangdong provinces. We thus also offer courses relating to Chinese and Asian cultures, Chinese courses and so on.

As a rector, I myself have lived in China for more than one year, and visited China many times. I had been a Finnish Santa Claus to China’s Heilongjiang and Hebei provinces. I love China and Chinese people, and I was warmly welcomed there. I hope our Academy can have better and stronger cooperation with China.

Welcome to visit our The Santa Claus Academy of Finland, and welcome to Finland

Mr. Timo Kiviaho, Rector
The Santa Claus Academy of Finland

Santa Villages

The Santa Claus Academy of Finland pays high attention to international cooperation with Asian, especially China, Japan and South Korea. 

The Santa Claus Academy of Finland has made a significant contribution to export Finnish Santa cultural brand by building up Finnish Santa Villages outside Finland. With the help of the Academy, the first Finnish Santa Village outside Finland – China Mohe Santa Village in Heilongjiang province was built, and the grand opening to public was held on Dec. 22, 2010. Yeshanpo Four Season Santa Town in China Hebei province opened to public on Sept. 23, 2016 in Hebei province. 

For a detail report about China Mohe Santa Claus Village, please have a look on the Master ‘s Degree thesis made by Ms. Yang Xu from Aalto University of Finland.

Training Courses

The Santa Claus Academy of Finland arranges training courses to be a professional Finnish Santa Claus. These courses include:

  • Finnish culture and history
  • Finnish Christmas culture and Santa Claus
  • Santa’s etiquette
  • Cross-cultural communication skills
  • Santa’s image and techniques,
  • Behavioral science and arts,
  • Communication with Children
  • Santa handcrafts and workshop
  • Santa music and performances
  • Christmas decorative culture and products
  • Christmas theme park and its culture
  • Chinese and Asian culture and humanities
  • Japanese and Korean culture
  • Finnish language courses
  • Chinese language courses
  • Japan language courses
  • Korean language courses

Santa Career

Be the real Santa Claus in China!

Have you always wanted to have something really special in your resume? Something surprising which would create conversation and bring a smile to visitors?

Can you tell a million and one stories about winter, snow, reindeer and the Northern lights?  Are you ready for a change of scenery and the challenge of becoming the ambassador of Christmas?

Image gallery of the Finnish Santa in Mohe, China


Santa Claus in Mohe Santa Claus Village

Santas graduated from Santa Claus Academy of Finland




环球网     Dec 18, 2019

Santa tour 2019

“Finland Santa Claus China” has arrived at Yongning Gate in the ancient city of Xi’an via Shanghai and Beijing!

Special reporter Song Yanbo interviewed the Santas in Finland, and wrote about the Finnish Santa Claus Academy. The article was published on 19.12.2019. in Global Times.

Mohe Santa Village is located on the eastern part of Beijin, along the river,  close to the border between China and Russia.
(Beiji Village, Mohe County 165303, China)