On Friday 22 September, 2017, the Finnish Chinese Business Council, Finland China Development and Exchange Center and China Tekway Oy Ltd organized the First Finland-China Business Summit in the Parliament of Finland. The event is also listed on the state official program of Finland to celebrate 100 years of Finnish independence since 1907. 

About 150 participants from different fields of industry were present. The Chairman of the Finnish Parliament Committee for the Future Mr Thomas Blomqvist, Minister of Employment Mr Jari Lindström, together with other 16 members of the parliament attended the summit. His Excellency Chinese Ambassador Mr Chen Li, Economic and Commercial Councillor Mr Sun Liwei were present in the Summit as well. The event was supported by the Finnish Parliament Committee for the Future, members of the Parliament, Chinese Embassy in Finland, the Federation of Finnish Entreprenuers, TEKES, and City of Helsinki.

The summit offered:

  • An update of the latest development in the government policies and  incentives
  • Business and investment opportunities for Finnish companies in China
  • Business and investment opportunities in Finland for Chinese companies
  • Cross-cultural communication and exchange of talent and human resources
  • Match-making between Finnish-Chinese companies and business leaders

At the end of the summit, four agreements were signed.

1. The Finnish Chinese Business Council and the Bureau of Investment and Promotion of Hunan Province signed the Agreement on Economic, Trade and Technology Strategic Cooperation between Finland and Hunan;

2. Finnish Caprice Co. Ltd. and Anshan Dongze Real Estate Co. Ltd. signed the Cooperation Agreement on Finnish Music and Physical Preschool Education Base;

3. Finnish Prosys OPC Co., Ltd. and Beijing Yantuo Engineering Consulting Co. Ltd. successfully reached an agreement on the intelligent renovation project of Baotou old city pipeline network of Inner Mongolia;

4. Finnish SantaSport, Chinese Tongtai Group and ERTC Co. Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement on the project of constructing China-Finland Sports Town in China.

The Forums of corporate match making were held in the afternoon 13.30-16.30 at the Original Sokos Hotel President. More than 200 Finnish and Chinese governmental and corporate representatives were present. Cocktails were served to the guests at the Original Sokos Hotel President from 18:00-20:00. These were done to acknowledge the participants presence and to celebrate the success of the event as well as 100 years independence of Finland. 

We own our great gratitude to all participants and sponsors! Below you will find all references regarding the 2017 Finland – China Business Summit.

Program and schedule for the Summit Forum 2017

Morning Summit

9.00 – 12.30

Host: Erlin Yang, Ph.D., Chairman of the Finnish Chinese Business Council

9.00 – 9.30 Registration and Coffee
9.30 – 9.45 Welcome – The Chairman of the Finnish Parliament Committee for the Future, Member of Parliament Thomas Blomqvist
9.45 – 10.00 Working Together – Minister of Employment Jari Lindström
10.00 – 10.15 Building “One Belt One Road” and Composing a New Chapter of Co-operation Together – The Ambassador of China in Finland Chen Li
10.15 – 10.30 Innovation and Technology Cooperation between China and Finland – Director Jarmo E. Heinonen, Bioeconomy and Cleantech, TEKES
10.30 – 10.45 Finnish Education – a Tool for Talent Management – Director Lauri Tuomi, Education Finland
10.45 – 11.05 Business Opportunities in China – Director of Investment Promotion Wang Tinkai, Commerce Department Hunan Province
11.05 – 11.20 Investment Cooperation Now and in the Future – Operations Manager Shi Ting Chen, Invest in Finland, Finpro
11.20 – 11.35 Company registration & IPR at Finnish Patent & Registration Office – Specialist Kari Koskenhely, PRH
11.35 – 11.50 Managing, Protecting and Capitalizing the Intellectual Property Rights in Trade between China and Finland – Director of Asian Market Jani Kaulo, Kolster Oy
11.50 – 12.00
Business Development Experiences of Chinese Investing Companies in Finland – Eero Siitonen, Vice President, Aavi Technologies Ltd.
12.00 – 12.15 Ceremony of Contract Signing between Chinese and Finnish companies
12.15 – 12.30 Official Group Photographing of all participants in front of the Little Parliament

Business Match-Making Forums

13.30 – 16.30

at Sokos Hotel President

The afternoon Match-Making Forums are only meant for per-registered participants.

Registration ends on Tuesday, 18 September, 2017, 12.00 o’clock.

Match Making Forums

1. CleanTech and New Energies;

2. Sports, Education, Health and Tourism;

3. Digitalisation (IT, IoT, Smart Cities and FinTech).

The aim of the event:

1. To create and develop Cleantech, New Energies, Big Data, IoT and Smart Cities project cooperation;

2. To create relations and set up cooperation in Health and Medical Services;

3. To accelerate the Export of Education and Training to China;

4. To create cooperation in Show, Media, Cultural and Sports Events;

5. To build joint theme parks and small towns in China together.

Cooling Down with Cocktails at 18.00 – 20.00

at Sokos Hotel President

List of companies and delegations from China

Sub Forum 1. CleanTech and New Energies
Participating organizations, companies and investors from China:

  • Investment Promotion Affairs Bureau of Commerce Department Hunan Province (Investment, technology transfer and trade)
  • The Department of Finance of the People’s Government of Hunan Province (Investment. trade and financing)
  • The Management Committee of Wangcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone (Investment and technology transfer)
  • Investment and Project Construction, Xiangtan Economic and Technological Development Zone (Investment and technology transfer)
  • Hunan Jingyi Xiangtai Environmental protection High technology Development Ltd (Environmental technologies, new energies)
  • Shenzhen Yuepeng Environmental protection Technology Ltd. (Environmental technologies, new energies) 
  • Hunan Sanyou Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd (Environmental technologies, CleanTech)
  • Yueyang Investment Promotion Agency (Investment and Technology transfer)
  • Changsha Xinghong Financial Information Service Co Ltd (Investment, CleanTech, new energies)
  • China FV Group LTD. (Automobile industries, spare-parts)
  • Changsha Pilot Investment Holding Group Co. LTD. (Investment, CleanTech, new energies)
  • Hunan Baodian Industrial Investment Co. LTD. (Investment, CleanTech, new energies)
    * Commercial Bureau of Yuelu District, Hunan Province (Investment and trade promotion)

Sub Forum 2. Sports, Education, Health and Tourism
Participating organizations, companies and investors from China:

  • Tongtai International Holding Group (Artifical Intenlligence, CleanTech, Tourism, StartUp, Sports)
  • J&K Investment Holding Group (Investment, real estates in camp ground, schools and hospitals)
  • Beijing EE City investment Co. LTD (Education facilities, children and camp education, hobby training development)
  • Haibu Management Consulting Group (Education and education facilities, Wellness Tourism, schools and hospitals)
  • ERTC Associates (Theme Park, Brand Resorts and Hotels)
  • Air China Limited (tourism and logistics)
  • Hunan DaJiaWeiKang Pharmaceutical Co. LTD. (Health care, medicine)

Sub Forum 3. Digitalisation (IT, IoT, and Smart Cities)
Participating organizations, companies and investors from China:

  • Anshan Municipal Government of Liaoning Province (City planning and smart city, trade and business)
  • Dongze Real Estate Co. LTD. (Smart cities, real estate development)
  • Singapore (China) Zian Industrial Design Co. LTD. (Smart cities, real estate development)
  • Swedish (China) Ice Hotel (Tourism, real estate development)
  • Ju Gu Fund Investment (IoT, CleanTech, FinTech)
  • Huawei Technologies Co. LTD. (networks and telecommunications)
  • BYD Co. LTD. (automobiles and rechargeable batteries)
  • Zhongguancun Software Park Co. LTD. (IT, ICT and investment)
  • ZGC Alliance for CH-EU ITC (Smart Cities, Education)

Summit highlights