Visit by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government Cooperation and Exchange Office

Visit by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government Cooperation and Exchange Office

Tuesday 24th September, 2019

The Finnish Chinese Business Association received on Tuesday afternoon the deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government Cooperation and Exchange Office Mr. Pan Xiaogang.

The cities of Shanghai and Espoo have been sister cities for 21 years since 1998, and it was by invitation of the city of Espoo that Director Pan came to visit the capital region of Finland. Espoo is home to about 3,000 Chinese citizens, far more than any other city in Finland. Espoo also helped in taking the Slush event to Shanghai and was invited to take part in the Shanghai International Technology and International Fair 2017.

Espoo is not the only sister city Shanghai can boast to have in Finland, Kuopio has had the same status since 2002. Shanghai has 86 sister cities all around the world, among them: Casablanca in Morocco since 1986, St. Petersburg in Russia since 1988, Barcelona Spain since 2001, Houston USA since 2005, and Mumbai India since 2014.

In 2005, Business Finland established the FinChi Innovation Center in The Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, helping over 130 Finnish companies to enter the China market.  According to a 2017 post by Zhangjian Hi-tech Park, the revenue of the IC (integrated circuits) sector in Zhangjiang exceeded 6,4 billion €.  Evidence of the importance of this collaboration to Espoo and Finland is the opening of the office of the Zhangjiang Overseas Talents Affairs Office and Zhangjiang Overseas Innovation Center office in Espoo on May 2018.

The 2nd Shanghai International Import Expo will be take place between November 5-10 2019, at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. The Finnish Chinese Business Association members are welcome to participate in the exhibition.

Welcome and thanks to member companies of the Finnish Chinese Business Association for their participation in the Shanghai 2019 EXPO!

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