If you want to develop and expand your business in Finland or China, you will find our F.E.C. programme very useful. The second Finland-China Business Expert F.E.C. (Further Educated with Companies) programme is taking off right now. We welcome you to join. The programme is conducted in cooperation with the Uusimaa ELY centre and TE office.

Why join the programme

We will provide you with a specialist or an expert as a trainee from fields of sales and marketing, business development, project management, material sciences, IT, IoT and AI, etc, who also has a concrete understanding and knowledge of dealing with clients from both Finnish and Chinese cultures and who can assist you in doing business in either Finland or China.

Contents of the programme

The programme makes you and your company getting specialists or experts very simple. You only need to provide us criterias which kind of specialists or experts you are looking for and we will make the match for you.

The programme consists of a 6-month traineeship period done in your company by this specialist or expert. During this 6-month time, you do not need to pay his/her salary and you have an option of hiring him/her after the traineeship.

During this 6-month period, we will keep close contact with you to support the performances of the trainee, and help you get the most out of your investment.

Curriculum 2019

The curriculum for the year 2019 includes:

  • Training from corporate cultural perspective
  • Tools of analysis for business planning and market research, feasibility studies, executive summary….
  • Cost management and project management
  • Chinese consumer practices and market standards (GB, CCC, GEMC, GSGG, …)
  • Chinese business culture (the importance of business cards…)
  • Social media marketing and communication, common apps in China (WhatsApp doesn’t work in China, what do you do?)
  • Legal issues touching IPR and how to protect companies (Chinese IPR laws …)
  • China’s political and governmental effect on business, regulations and policies
  • Trade agreements between Finland and China

Participanting company profiles

Companies involved are interested in the Finland-China business area, and increasing their contacts and know how.  They cover areas as:

  • Logistics and CaaS (Corridors as a Service) providers
  • Precious metals and jewels, buying and selling
  • Industry representatives: like photovoltaics, energy, calibration, clean tech
  • Science and tech parks


Some images from our May 2019 training

Video: Erlin Yang about to begin a lecture and discussions. The day’s subject was China’s political and governmental effect on business, local regulations and changing governmental policies. May 14, 2019. Timo Kiviaho was also present.


Finland-China Business Expert F.E.C 2019

Important information for would be trainees

Please, follow the link below to the the TE-services website for instructions on how to register


NOTE: New registration deadline 30.6!

Team 2019

Erlin Yang

Mr. Erlin Yang
PhD Physics
CEO & Senior Business Consultant

Timo Kiviaho

Mr. Timo P. Kiviaho
MSc Facility Management and Real Estate
VP & Senior Business Consultant

Mr. Lari Rissanen
BSc China studies
Project Manager 2018-2019

Cindy Rui Yin

Ms. Cindy Yin
Master of Law
Independent Consultant

Wenbin Fan

Ms. Wenbin Fan
Master of Education
Independent Consultant

Outi Pöyry

Ms. Outi Pöyry
MSc Physics
Project Coordinator

Boxiu Lei - 2

Mr. Boxiu Lei
BSc Engineering
Project Coordinator

Nesrin Can

Ms. Nesrin Can
MSc Global Management
Project Coordinator

For further information, contact:

Outi Pöyry, Project Coordinator
+358 50 5760 728

You can find general information on the F.E.C programs here (in Finnish)