Nanjing Urban Construction Group visit

Nanjing Urban Construction Group visit

Wednesday 25th September, Helsinki

At the invitation of the Helsinki City Government, General Manager Li Yan of Nanjing Urban Construction Group and his party has been visiting the capital city of Finland and held meetings with the Finnish China Development and Exchange Center and the TTE.

During Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Li and his entourage visited the Finnish China Development and Exchange Center, where they were received by Mr. Timo Kiviaho and Mr. Erlin Yang. Mr. Kiviaho spoke lengthily about Finnish smart logistics, smart transportation and Finnish advanced garbage disposal systems.

General Manager Li Yan presented Mr. Kiviaho with an exquisite Yunjin silk-brocade from Nanjing. These brocades are beautiful imitations of original brocades dating back over 2000 years, and traditionally made with silk, gold and silver thread and peacock feathers. This traditional silk weaving technique cannot be replaced by modern machinery and are therefore still done by hand.



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