With Ambassador of Finland to Australia

With Ambassador of Finland to Australia

Mr. Lars Backström, the current Ambassador of Finland to Australia, together with Mr. Erlin Yang and Mr. Timp Kiviaho took part in the meeting of setting up Finnish Santa Village in Mohe County, Heilongjiang province of China in Dec. 23, 2010.

Mr. Backström has been stationed in Canberra Australia since 2016 and is the chair of Team Finland in Australia. Mr. Backström has a long career in the Finnish Diplomatic services and has previously been posted as the ambassador to China.

Team Finland is a network of publicly fund organizations aiming to promote Finnish interests abroad. Mr. Erlin Yang is the CEO of China Tekway Oy Ltd and Chairman of the Finnish-Chinese Business Council. He has a PhD in material physics from the University of Helsinki. Mr. Timo Kiviaho is the Vice President of China Tekway. He is widely educated and holds a master’s degree in international business management and speaks several languages. He has lived in China and Singapore for few years when he was working for Nokia.


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